Need Music?

Published 10/31/2022 - 3 months ago
Floyd/Pilot area

SoundNinja Studio is your locally-owned source for beats, loops, and background music. Reasonable rates, professional quality guaranteed.

I’m a singer songwriter and music producer. If you need music for videos, film, games, or if you’re an artist. I’m the guy for you!

My services are music production. Foley. Sound design. Singing and or rapping. Mixing and mastering. And online music production lessons.

I’ve been producing since 2016. I’ve been praised by Grammy award winning artists for my knowledge and versatility in music. I was the music supervisor for 3Pixel Studios overseeing everything music and sound effect related from 2019 to 2020. I’ve been doing Foley and sound design since 2019. I lead music production classes at Camp Airy summer camp 2022

My rates are listed here on my store page :

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