A Little Good News!

A Little Good News! 2My son is a senior at VA Tech. His friend came to visit from Guilford College two weekends ago. She had taken her very expensive boots off outside. When she went to retrieve them later they were gone. Needless to say, as a struggling college student she was very distraught that they were stolen.

This week my son happened to catch a glimpse of them on the roof of his building! Someone had thrown her boots on the roof. He contacted the management company and they offered to get them down for $150. Of course they do not have that kind of money! My son tried to fish them off with a fishing pole to no avail.

I was desperate to help him for I was fearful he may try and get on the roof himself. I called Henderson Roofing in Blacksburg. The owner was amazing! They went over and rescued the boots off the roof! What a wonderful act of kindness!

Submitted by Marla Allara