8/26: Touch-A-Truck NRV

Touch-a-Truck 2016
Have you ever noticed how many vehicles are on the streets of the NRV working hard every day? You pass them on your way to school, to work, or to the store but have you ever given thought what these vehicles are doing or the importance of their jobs in our community?

As the NRV Home Builders Association has grown Touch-A-Truck NRV over the last 3 years, we are focusing an effort on teaching children about the responsibilities and careers associated with the vehicles they touch.

We know children are simply amazed by seeing a snowplow up close or standing next to a dump truck’s huge tire, but we also know they are also daydreaming about what it would be like to sit behind the driver’s wheel when they grow up.

Touch-a-Truck 2016
We want to give them an opportunity to not only explore the vehicles but a chance to ask the operators questions about that they do and how the vehicle services their responsibilities and duties.

Our community is a better place to live and play because of these vehicles and we want children to understand the careers associated each so as they grow older, they will consider careers in the building and helping industries

So please join us on Saturday, August 26th from 10-3pm (10-11 is quiet hour) at the NRV Mall for an afternoon filled with giant tires, horns & sirens, bucket trucks and laughter.

Touch-A-Truck NRV is a FREE family event open to the entire NRV. To learn more, please visit our event listing at www.facebook.com/Touch.A.Truck.NRV/