10/11: Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging

Safer, Healthier Breast Screening coming to Healing Tree Wellness Center, Wednesday, October 11, One Day Only!

-No Radiation – Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging
-Thermal Imaging can detect early changes in breast tissue up to eight years before a mammogram.
-FDA registered.
-Safe, painless, noninvasive.
-Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging makes a first glance possible, offering the best and possibly only chance for prevention.
-Early detection of risks allows you to find balance, supplements and alternative therapy.

New Breast Scan or Region of Interest: $195
Comparative Breast Screening (3-6 months): $125
Yearly Breast Screenings: $150
Half Body Scan (upper or lower): $325
Preventative Full Body Screening: $425
Cash, Check or Credit Cards accepted. Sorry to say insurance does not cover this awesome service.

Please call Healing Tree Wellness Center to set up your appointment time. (540)745-3030